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Designing by Doing:
Product Design Project

Multi-Sensory Design Approach


«… we collect information from the world around us through all of our senses. Once this information is processed in parts of our body, we create an “embodied experience” of the world around us. How we structure and interpret this information determines how we perceive reality. This process of prioritizing and interpreting is more than just a cognitive process. Input from different parts of our body evoke different sensations, some of which we are consciously unaware of or unable to control.»
- Frederik Duerinck

The Design Process

Based on  'Multi Sensory Design’,  (Schifferstein 2011)

Selecting the Target Expression

Conceptual Exploration

Sensory Exploration

Sensory Analysis

Multisensory Map

Creating a Scenario

Model Making

Multi-sensorial Presentation

Michelle Arocha's upcycled purse incorporates all five sensory modalities, making the product a self-contained experience.

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