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Short Film

Mental Health Awareness Project

Let's Talk (2019)

3min 18s

To make a difference in someone's life, you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect.

You just have to care.

Let's get rid of fear. Let's talk about mental health.

Director: Michelle Arocha

Cast: Nora Gautschi

Sharing soon

Special thanks to Nora Gautschi.

Mental Health

What is Mental Health?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is complex. It arises from dynamic interactions among biological, psychological, and social factors.​

Therefore, mental health is not simply a condition that arises from personal predisposition and individual behavior. Rather, it is a multi-layered process with many influences: individual, socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental. For example, a person feels mentally healthy when he or she is able to utilize his or her intellectual and emotional capacities, cope with the daily stresses of life, work productively, and contribute in the community.

A mentally healthy person has a stable sense of self-worth and a solidified identity regarding her various roles in society. She also has a sense of self-efficacy and control over her actions; she usually feels optimistic, confident, and balanced.

All of these qualities and emotions do not have to be present all of the time for one to feel mentally healthy.

Source & translation from: Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG. (2021, October 9). Psychische Erkrankungen und Gesundheit. 

Interaction of stresses and resources

The interplay of stresses and resources is crucial for mental health. These can lie in the person himself or be caused by his environment. The interplay is particularly crucial in the case of critical life events such as the loss of a close person. Life circumstances such as poverty can also have a chronically stressful effect.

Stresses can be coped with by means of external (e.g. social support) and/or internal resources (e.g. positive self-esteem). If they are too upsetting (e.g. traumatizing war experience) or persist over a longer period of time, they impair mental health.

Source & translation from: Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG. (2021, October 9). Psychische Erkrankungen und Gesundheit. 


We at EVERYTHING understand that enhancing people's mental health, let alone lowering incidence of mental diseases, requires more than just raising awareness. This is a massive and important subject. We are, however, looking for a place to begin. This may sound like a cliché, but we firmly believe that it starts with each and every one of us and with what we can do. 


We can improve our listening skills, make fewer judgments, demonstrate more empathy, and be more supportive of one another. 

We can make one person feel less alone. 


We are happy to inform you that EVERYTHING is in the early stages of a new project that will take us from raising awareness to taking action.

- our short note on awareness

Please feel free to reach out if you are someone who needs somebody to talk to.

You're not alone.

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