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Association based in Zurich, Switzerland

SUIZAPROMEXICO is an association that has set itself the goal to support projects in Mexico that are dedicated to helping sick, disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

We are so proud of all their achievements and beyond grateful for everything they do. 

Kleiner Punkt

Foundation "Paidi"

Fundación PAIDI is made up of an alliance of citizens and professionals who work to create proposals for change with values that affect the emotional well-being of society. PAIDI is a nonprofit organization that specializes in the emotional well-being of children and adolescents in situations of risk and extreme poverty.

The goal is to provide children and adolescents with comprehensive and psychological care at home. Externally, it cares for family members or those directly responsible, all with limited financial resources, to promote their emotional well-being, equality and understanding within the framework of universal values.

PAIDI Foundation currently protects and secures the rights of 34 children and adolescents between 2 and 20 years.

PAIDI Foundation is a private, legally constituted aid institution.

Suizapromexico supports them since 2017.

Suizapromexico x Paidi


Visit at the Paidi Foundation

I, Michelle Arocha, have been working with Suizapromexico for a few years now. 

Since Paidi is the main project of Suizapromexico, I already had a little bit to do with them and knew the foundation. In July 2021 I was lucky enough to finally visit Paidi in Mexico City. Paidi and Suizapromexico go above and beyond for these children. I have made it my goal to never stop helping people who are less fortunate in life.

To the children: I truly hope that one day you realize how beautiful, valuable and special you are. You bring so much joy to the world, and I had a blast dancing with you - we'll have to do it again the next time I come! I wish that you never lose faith in yourself. I believe in you - you can do anything. 


If you have any questions about the association "Suizaprmexico" or the foundation "Paidi", please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to make a donation to Suizapromexico - thank you very much. It is much appreciated.

Account details:

CH03 8080 8009 8352 1145 4


Züricherstrasse 14d

8142 Uitikon Waldegg

Schatten an der Wand




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